“Two days after our devastating office fire a few years ago, we had the incredibly good fortune to meet Bob D’Amore. He had been highly recommended to us by independent acquaintances. Little did we know how valuable this decision would come to be! Bob held our hands and walked us through the entire process, from insurance policy scrutiny, to taking the extensive inventory, to document cleaning, to salvage, to constant negotiations with our insurance company, to setting up a temporary work space, to finding new permanent space, and much much more. He was able to read the fine print of our policy and find coverage there that was not at all readily visible to us. He knew what to look for in our policy and how we could best use that to our advantage so we recovered everything we were entitled to. He negotiated extensively with our insurance company, and due to his many years in the business, knew exactly how to negotiate effectively and to make sure that the insurance company did not withhold anything that was due us. He was persistent and didn’t stop until the settlement was as lucrative for us as was possible.

D’Amore Adjusters is a highly skilled and professional team, and they made what was a very stressful, emotional, uncomfortable situation bearable. The process was smooth and speedy and in the end, we received a very substantial settlement from our insurance company which helped us get back on our feet again.

Bob D’Amore was not only professional. He was a very easy, sociable person to work with. This was important to us because of all of the stress and negative emotions that a fire or some other such disaster can cause.

We certainly hope that we never have another loss, but if we do, D’Amore Adjusters will be the first call we make!”

-Cindy R., Happy Kids Productions, Inc. – Somers, NY


“When my family’s historic house suffered a major second story fire in Dec. of 2009, Bob D’Amore and his team were recommended to us. I was amazed by Bob’s depth of knowledge and attention to our needs. Everyone from D’Amore adjusters was helpful and of great assistance to be sure each and every minor detail of our claim and the historic nature of the house and contents were not overlooked. The service went far beyond making sure we collected everything that was due from the insurance company. Bob was of great assistance in dealing with our architect and builder and assisted throughout the rebuilding with selection of materials and finishes that would preserve the integrity of the original structure while providing modern convenience and comfort. The essential fact is that without Bob, Matt and their crew, the rebuilding and the settlement of content claims would simply not have happened as quickly and as effectively as they have. Everyone from friend to professional marvels at the stunning rebuild of what has been since 1771 one of Ulster County’s loveliest houses. We are completely satisfied and eternally grateful to D’Amore Adjusters and highly recommend them to all!”

-Elisabeth Hoyt, Alex Hoyt and the entire family – Wallkill, NY


“D’Amore Adjusters are second to none! Bob and Matt are the best of the best. They are hard working and very smart and knowledgeable about insurance rules and regulations. They always return calls and provide updates. They can give you honest answers to all your questions about your insurance claim. When they are on your side, you know you have the best Public Insurance Adjusters! We met Bob and Matt in June of 2011. At that time the insurance company was beating us up pretty bad. Their offer was so low it made both of us very upset, to say the least. There just wasn’t enough money to repair or replace our home. The insurance company claim handler was as cold as ice and just didn’t care about our family. All she seemed to care about was how little was going to be paid to us. We entered into the appraisal process with Bob as our appraiser, and we were able to get a final settlement that was about four and half times more than the insurance company’s final offer to us. It will allow us to properly replace our home and contents.

If it wasn’t for D’Amore Adjusters, we would be living in a tent not knowing what to do or where to go. Patty, our kids and I will be forever thankful.

Thanks again Bob and Matt for a job well done!”

-Patty and Doug Sr. – Hopewell Junction, NY


“When my 4 year old Victorian house burned to the ground, the insurance company suspected arson and refused payment. I contacted Bob D’Amore who was able to determine the reason for the company’s position. They had seen an “S” pattern on the remains of the floor and thought that an accelerant had been involved. Bob immediately recognized the problem as liquid in the radiant heat lines under the floor, assigned a special investigator and proved to the insurance company that the loss was accidental. Bob and his team were spectacular in their assistance to get us paid fairly for the house and all the contents, spending considerable time going over every detail of the house and each and every item of contents. They worked very closely with us with both professional and personal assistance through the roughest time of our lives. We now consider Bob a good friend. My wife and I think the world of D’Amore Adjusters and would recommend them to everyone!”

Dean & Jen B – Carmel, NY


“It was a beautiful crisp sunny day in October. Nothing could go wrong on a day like this… but it did! Our beautiful Colonial in Westchester County, NY went up in flames. Here we were in total shock with nothing but the clothes on our backs!

Various on-lookers and yes adjusters started gathering and like vultures they swooped down on us wanting our business! A couple of days went by and we received a letter from yet another adjuster! It was from Bob D’Amore. He took the time to write such a nice compassionate and professional letter so we decided to call him. This was the best thing we ever did. Bob turned out to be just fabulous to work with and he turned our ordeal into a successful conclusion. He guided us through the process with the insurance companies and was always there for us.

We have gladly recommended Bob’s services to other people who also felt so lucky to have such a wonderful person on their side.

You’ll never lose with Bob.”

-Jackie & Michael Rosenberg – Armonk, NY